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The full potential of the site

Right now, this site is being prepared for the ministry should they choose to take up this project. This website is not meant to elevate the editor. Actually, it would be preferable that the editor of this site remain as anonymous as possible. This site is hoped to be given to the ministry as a gift whilst the editor would be happy to pay for the domain and hosting. It would be preferable for someone from Bethel to run this site. This site is meant to be part of the Living Way Youth Program and because it is online, it can be contributed to by people all over the world. It was realised by the editor that the Living Way Youth Program is a wonderful program but, in order to sanctify our youth, we must use the Word as John 17:17 says. As a result, this addition to the Living Way Youth Program would be beneficial as it intends to make the Word beautiful, glorious and appealing to the youth.

The editor has been creating something called ‘badges’ for when online groups and volunteering does start. They are a way of awarding volunteers and showing them what tribe they belong. It would be useful to remind each one of us that we are indeed Messianic Israelite’s. The four encampments are seen below in a possible badge design:

It’s not entirely clear how the tribes for online groups will be decided. Indeed, each online group could be given a tribe name like Naphtali, or Gad, but how would it be determined which tribe a volunteer is put in? Would it be by location? Would the volunteers themselves be able to decide what tribe they want to be put in? Surely we wouldn’t want to split friends and family up. But this would be for the ministry to decide. Having tribes will be excellent, as each individual volunteer will feel part of the whole and compete with other tribes to produce the best work. The editor firmly believes that the Assemblies of Yahweh has much untapped potential and that many would be willing to get involved in this project once it is up and running. Since Covid-19, things have really picked up around doing things online which was a great blessing. It is hoped that a really good online group site would appear so that it can be used for this purpose. They are sites like Zoom which are free, but we will see what Yahweh wills. The editor has worked on this project alone to the most part because bringing people to help might be viewed negatively by the ministry as they haven’t approved of such a project and the editor has no wish to cause a splinter in that way. However, it is a lot of work that is going on and the editor is testing aspects of the project on people outside the faith. Below are screen captures of the assignment and scoresheet template we hope to use:

The editor has designed a number of badges and continues to do so to award volunteers with when they show a skill, or do some good work. Some of those badges have been included below. Furthermore, the editor has been testing out online assignments and score sheets and it works really well, but, it needs to be tested some more before this can be presented to the ministry. Connected to this should be a hall of fame. In essence, volunteers would receive points for doing the work as mentioned on this site, and receive more points for doing it well. Below are some of the hand drawn badges that have been created:

Although it’s taking a while to create badges and they are hundreds to design in order to improve the volunteer experience, such will really be a blessing to the ministry and the editor goes in faith, believing that the work will be used by the ministry for Yahweh and Yahshua’s honour and glory.

Perhaps the Assemblies of Yahweh will not use this work, but it will create impetus to create something similar and that in itself would be a blessing. May Yahweh continue to bless His people as we try to please Him!

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